Bodegas Valparaíso, located in Quintana del Pidio (Burgos) is also known as Ribera’s Garden, situated on a mound overlooking the town and it’s old buildings.  The town of Quintana del Pidio is closely linked to the nearby Silos monastery, imbedded in historical and artistic surroundings that hallmark this wine growing area. A perfect spot to house the winery’s building, dominated by the central turret housing it’s clock, which marks the passage of time from both within and without it’s walls.

Bodegas Valparaíso began on the 28th October 2000 it’s journey in Ribera del Duero, one of the most attractive and thriving appellations in Spain.

It boasts 70 Hectares of privately owned vineyard planted mostly with Tempranillo vines, also known locally as Tinta Fina or Tinta del País. The oldest vines were planted early in the 20th Century on bush vines, and the younger ones early in the 21st Century on trellis lines.

The old vineyard is close to the winery in Quintana del Pidio, and the newer ones are on prime high altitude areas in Sotillo (Burgos) at 825 m. altitude and Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid) at 925 m. altitude.

The grapes from each vineyard are fermented separately and subsequently blended just prior to beginning the ageing process. 25% of the ageing barrels are French oak, and the rest are American oak. Our wines show dark cherry red colour and have an intense bouquet and mouthfeel of rich, spicy red berry fruits.

Terroir, grapes, winemaking and ageing methods all allow us to be unique.