Bodegas valparaíso

Finca El Encinal Roble


100% Tempranillo


These grapes come from the vineyards with the average age of more than 30 years. They are planted in loamy clay soil which contributes its characteristics to our wines, their body and structure. The climate of continental character in the area (the winter is long and very cold while the summer is short and hot) has an influence remarkably on the levels of maturation of the fruits and fundamentally on the color synthesis.
The wine-making proceeds following the traditional system (destemming and subsequent maceration of the juice in contact with the skins).
And the fermentation takes place at an average temperature of 26 °C.


The wine takes 6 months in American and French oak barrels from which we obtain an excellent symbiosis of fruits and wood.


The wine is of cherry red with a scent of red fruits with wooden flavor. It tastes velvety, soft in the mouth with a persistent aftertaste.


It goes perfect with meat and all kinds of spoon dishes.

Alcohol content

14,5% by vol.

Serving temperature

18 °C.